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Black Girl

Hair Project

Young Black Ladies will discuss the social, cultural, and political 

significance of a variety of Black-American and African influenced 

hair books with elementary Black Girls.

Students will use a number of skills including observation, interpretation, analysis, and critical thinking to discuss various aspects 

of Black-Americans and African Influenced Hair and hairstyles. 

Discussions may move to a broader consideration of style and identity.


Dancing on Rooftop

Natural Hair Party

Ladies' First year-long Black Girl Hair Project begins with a natural hair party amongst the Ladies First members! The goal is to create a lot more confidence around the Young Black Girls and their curls. This natural hair party is an opportunity to bond over their curls, kinks, and coils. One thing all naturals, individuals who don't chemically straighten their hair, love to talk about is, our hair! Planning an afternoon centered around our favorite topic doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, time, or money. 

Blonde Model

Black Girl Elementary Partnership 

Ladies First engages with Black elementary school students in a four-part series about building confidence as it relates to their hair. The conclusion of the elementary students getting their hair done and a goodie bag of Black Girl Hair supplies.  

Fixing Hair

Black Girl Hair Pantry

We provide hair products and necessities to Young Black Ladies in need through signature programs and by teaming up with beauty shop owners to serve communities across North East Denver. We believe that for a community to thrive, every member must have the resources they need to flourish, and we strive to provide equitable access to proper hygenie for all.

Blonde Model

Black Girl Mom Hair Classes

Join the class and learn how to braid and make your own hair and make your own mask or conditioner! Whether you are just starting to learn to braid or you have some braiding skills and want to up your technique. Our classes are led by well-versed and knowledgeable student stylists, who have created the braided styles you've seen and always wanted to try. They share their techniques in live classes, and pre-recorded videos allowing you to learn at your own pace, in courses that include videos on demand, and in live classes that include a question and answer section.

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