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Our Story

Dedication and Service

Womanism reinforces what has been forgotten in feminist conversations throughout history, that all women deserve to have their stories told. Still, our own personal intersections with race and gender, affect how we navigate this world, and view feminism. Ladies First, will stand as an organization where Young Black Women of all backgrounds can feel safe and have a platform to discuss issues and topics that affect them and how they socialize with the world, navigate school, athletics, and beyond. The mission of Ladies First is to establish an engaging and intellectual community where black female students of all cultural backgrounds can come together and raise awareness of the many facets of Young Black Women's experiences in high school; including popular culture, politics, history, and relating these topics back to diasporic roots


Creating Something Better

At Ladies First, we take pride in being problem solvers who are not afraid to take risks. We believe that with boldness, creativity, and heart, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. But above all, our strength lies in teamwork. Each and every one of us has the capability to contribute, no matter our experience or background. With this strength behind us, imagine what we can achieve together.

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