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Anti-Black racism is an educational crisis in the United States of America. By promoting and providing assertive educational and self-care options for Young Black Ladies and by fighting anti-Black psychological violence, Ladies First is working to dismantle systemic anti-Black academic racism and the rigid nexus of white supremacy power that protects and sustains it. So many advances in the educational field result from the historical and present-day educational injustices perpetuated by the U.S. educational system against Young Black Ladies. Since our organization engages in healing and educational work that is Young Black Ladies to correct the injustices, we strongly encourage individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and foundations to give sustained reparations to Ladies First. To make a significant, positive impact in the lives of the Young Black Ladies and educational justice warriors in our organization and in the greater community, please read the following recommendations for giving reparations to Ladies First, and then GIVE:


What do reparations look like for Young Black Ladies?

Young Black Ladies Education

  • Cover costs of all items in "Back to School" baskets that we deliver to Young Black Ladies across Denver Public Schools.

  • Toward promoting high performing Young Black Ladies, Ladies First aspires for our programming and services to be hosted in the “Ladies First Black Educational Center.” Here we will provide sacred space for program participants and progressive, culturally congruent, full-spectrum (Freshlady to Senior) educational resources to Young Black Women. To achieve this goal, cover costs for purchasing real estate, Cover the cost for Educational Center's up-to-date technology, furnish the Educational Center space, etc.

  • Ladies First aspires to launch a Young Womanists Summer Camp for Young Black Ladies who are in high school. Little Miss Womanist Camp is an eight week long summer camp that guides Young Black Ladies through an introduction and exploration into Womanist creative thought through creative lessons, readings, field trips and so much more. Additionally, Young Black Ladies deepen their awareness and practice of self, and sisterly care, and the students’ caregivers attend weekly parenting evening dinners/celebrations. The program concludes with a week long trip for the camp that centers on and celebrates Black Youth in leadership. To achieve this goal, cover costs for developing curriculum, recruiting and training educators, recruiting students, meals, snacks, supplies, boarding, dinners for caregivers, field trips, trips abroad, etc.

  • Young Black Ladies HBCU Junior Preview Experience is fully covered annually. 

Young Black Ladies Self Care

  • Cover the cost of the gifts that Young Black Ladies participants receive at the end of our monthly Black Girl Recess for Young Black Ladies gatherings.

  • Each month, donate at least $1,000 for holistic lunches.

  • Host training or self love workshop for Young Black Ladies in your business area of expertise.

Young Black Ladies' Mental Health

  • Pay for all Young Black Ladies to attend, bi-weekly, 1-hour mental health appointments.

  • Cover the costs for all staff, board members, and Young Black Ladies to attend a weekend “Black Women” retreat in any city in Colorado once each year.

Young Black Ladies Financial Health​

  • Sponsor an annual full-ride scholarship for Young Black Ladies to attend college anywhere in the world.

  • Donate a self-care ( hair OR nails)  treatment for the Young Black Ladies with the highest GPAs in each class ( 9th - 12th Grade ) 

  • Pay the housing security deposit for the dorm room for all 12th graders going to college.

  • For each Young Black Woman that goes through Ladies First all four years, pay for College care gift cards.

  • Provide ongoing training and guidance in investments.

  • For aspiring Young Black Ladies looking to be an Entrepreneur, offer a paid two to four-year summer internship

Young Black Ladies Physical Health:

  • Pay for all Young Black Women to visit a Trichologist.

  • After two years of CONSTANT membership, provide a smartwatch to all Young Black Ladies in order to track activity.

  • Cover costs for providing each Young Black Lady with an electric bike.

  • Pay for each Young Black Woman to receive a weekly delivery of nutritious snacks to their school.

Ladies First Organizational Health

  • Cover costs for all professional development training for staff members.

  • Provide your business services to Ladies First.

  • Help establish the Ladies First retirement fund and match all staff members and match by at least 10%.

  • At the intersection of Black Women’s healthcare and electoral justice, within the next 5 years, Ladies First aspires to launch sister organizations in strategic states: Iowa, Maryland, California, and Illinois and abroad in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. To achieve this goal, cover costs for purchasing real estate in the specific state, construction of the educational center, furnishing the space, recruiting, training, paying new employees, etc.

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What are the long term results of my paid reparation? 

Visualize the significant impact of synchronously providing various forms of sustained reparations to grassroots, Black Women-led organizations. This is healthy life-sustaining modeling for ways that the U.S. government must provide reparations for all Black people in the United States of America to evidence genuine acknowledgment, apology, and compensation for the horrors of enslaving Black people for centuries and the subsequent anti-Black violence and wealth chasm. Reparations must be a reality, right NOW.

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Can I organize a fundraising event at my home?

In Short, Yes. We are accepting donations from fundraisers that help to support Young Black Women. Some examples of what has been done in the past are things like golf tournaments and polo games as well as silent auctions.

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