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Black Girl, YOU are MORE than Enough

Microaggressions are subtle, sometimes unintentional behaviors or remarks that can be hurtful or marginalizing to individuals based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. Young Black Ladies, in particular may face microaggressions in the classroom that way to often make them feel isolated or invalidated.

Here are some ways that Young Black Ladies can navigate microaggressions in the classroom:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings: It is important to acknowledge your feelings when you experience a microaggression. Recognize that your feelings are valid and that it is not your fault that you feel hurt or upset.

  2. Speak up: If you feel comfortable doing so, speak up and address the microaggression. You can calmly and assertively express how the behavior or remark made you feel, and explain why it was hurtful or inappropriate.

  3. Seek support: Find a trusted adult, such as a teacher or counselor, who you can talk to about your experiences with microaggressions. They can provide support and guidance on how to address the situation and can also advocate for you if necessary.

  4. Build a community: Seek out other Young Black Ladies in your school or community who may be experiencing similar microaggressions. Building a supportive community can provide a sense of belonging and validation, and can also help you navigate future situations.

  5. Educate others: If you feel comfortable, you can educate others about microaggressions and their impact. This can help raise awareness and create a more inclusive environment for all students. However, remember that it is not your responsibility to educate others and you should not feel obligated to do so.

Remember that you are not alone in experiencing microaggressions and that there are resources and support available to you. Girl, you are pretty, PERIOD.

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