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  • Ariel Ruempolhamer

Little Miss: A Blog for the Young Womanist

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Welcome to the Ladies First Blog

Womanist, Black Girls

Little Miss: A Blog for the Young Womanist, is a Womanist blog that aims to center the experiences, perspectives, and voices of Young Black Women. The blog covers a range of topics, including social justice, mental health, self-care, and personal development. Here are some examples of the kinds of content you might find on Little Miss: A Blog for the Young Womanist.

"Black Women: Each Generation, Needs Regeneration": This post explores the impact of seeing positive representations of Young Black Women in media and pop culture.

"Navigating Microaggressions in the classroom": This post offers tips and strategies for Young Black Women who are dealing with microaggressions in the classroom.

"Young Black Women and Mental Health": This post highlights the unique mental health challenges faced by Black girls and offers resources and support for those who are struggling.

"Self-Care for Young Busy Black Women": This post provides practical tips and strategies for Black women who are balancing multiple responsibilities and need to prioritize self-care.

"Fighting for Our Communities": This post discusses the importance of Black women's advocacy and activism in the fight for social justice and equality.

Overall, Little Miss: A Blog for the Young Womanist, is a space where Young Black Women can find resources, support, and community as they navigate the challenges of an anti-black educational system.

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